EMS Gua Sha | Beauty Tool with Light Therapy

EMS Gua Sha | Beauty Tool with Light Therapy

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Face Contouring & Rejuvenating EMS Light Tool

Powered by blue light, red light, and green light our Gua Sha EMS Beauty Tool is a unique addition to your skincare routine. Our EMS Light Therapy tool when combined with Gua Sha and facial yoga helps boost blood circulation and fluid flow while also easing tension. This combination helps to depuff the look of skin, promote defined facial features, visibly plump skin, improve hydration, and create smoother-looking skin.

 All skin types


Preparation I

Before using our EMS Gua Sha Tool, make sure to prep accordingly.

Preparation II

Hold the button for about 2 seconds to switch the device on. This activates the LED light, EMS and heat function. The EMS Gua Sha has three different levels. When using for the first time, start in Blue Light mode, as this has the lowest EMS strength and allows your skin to adjust to the device. Apply a face yoga oil or serum before use.

Forehead relaxation

Stroke from the center of the forehead to the ear.

Defined cheekbones

Stroke from the upper and lower lip to the ear. Then from the tip of the chin along the bone to the ear.

Switch EMS mode

To switch between the three EMS levels, briefly press the on/off button.

Switching off

To switch the tool off, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds. The tool switches off automatically if it has been used in the same mode for 5 minutes.


Before and after each use, wipe the Gua Sha with a clean, soft cloth dipped in a little water.


Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light, our EMS Light Therapy Gua Sha tool uses tiny electrons and Gua Sha facial yoga (a traditional healing technique) to help stimulate blood and fluid circulation and relieve tension for the look of more contoured facial features.

  • Promotes contoured facial features
  • tiny electrons can help stimulate blood circulation
  • helps create the look of more lifted skin
  • facial yoga & Gua Sha traditional healing techniques have been shown to help mitigate the effects of stress on the facial muscles & strengthen the underlying muscles
  • helps maintain and balance skin health
  • promotes a more even-looking skin tone

List of Ingredients:

Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light

Red Light:
  • Encourages skin rejuvenation naturally
  • Has been shown to increase the production of collagen and elastin
  • Can help boost blood circulation and metabolism for improved skin health

Blue Light:
  • May help in fighting bacteria present on the skin, promoting clearer-looking skin
  • Aids in maintaining clear, healthy skin

Green Light:
  • Calming properties that can help reduce the look of redness
  • Promotes even skin tone and may help reduce the look of dark spots
  • Helps maintain skin balance and health


Product name: EMS Gua Sha | Beauty Tool with Light Therapy

Product model: IF-GS02

Charging voltage/current: 5 V / 0,5 A

Battery: Polymer lithium battery 3.7V 600mAh

Rated power: ≤ 4 watts

Product material: ABS

Product dimensions: 93.2 x 82 x 27.6 mm

Product weight: 90 g

Country of origin: PRC

Designed in: Germany

Scope of delivery: EMS Gua Sha incl. protective cap, charging cable, operating instructions

  • The following people should not use this product: Children; pregnant or lactating women; people with allergies, skin lesions, eczema, swelling, skin diseases, atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin; people with mental illness; people with a pacemaker or other devices; people with fever and other physical abnormalities, heart disease, serious illness, acute illness, malignant tumors, tuberculosis, blood diseases and other symptoms.
  • Do not use on eye area, eyeballs, wounds, plastic parts, throat or larynx, over the heart, etc.
  • Do not immerse the tool in water or other liquids. Do not store the tool near a source of fire, heat it, or use it in very high ambient temperatures. Store in a normally tempered, dry, and ventilated place.
  • If the tool is damaged by knocks or falls, please discontinue use.
  • Do not modify, disassemble or repair the tool yourself. For repairs, please contact the distributor or manufacturer directly.
  • Keep the tool away from strong electromagnetic fields, such as induction, when in use.
  • Do not use any accessories that are not part of the scope of delivery.
  • Do not twist, bend, forcefully pull out, wrap around the device, or otherwise damage the charging cable, as this may cause a fire or short circuit. If the charging cable is damaged or becomes hot, stop using it immediately.
  • Do not use the tool with essential oils,
  • Only use the tool with serums and oils specifically for face yoga.

  • Not all discount codes are applicable to this product.

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