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Hydrating Face Massage Duo

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Refresh and Revive: Enjoy a hydrating & sculpting facial massage

Our 100% natural squalane oil provides deep nourishment and hydration, while the Gua Sha tool offers a soothing experience for your skin.

 Dry skin


Warm 1-3 drops of the Hydrating Oil between your palms and massage gently into cleansed skin on the face, neck and neckline.

Forehead relaxation Stroke from the center of the forehead to the ear for 2-3 minutes.

Against Puffy Eyes Stroke for 2-3 minutes with the small side over the lids to the ear & under the eyes up to the ear.

Defined Cheekbones Stroke the large side of the upper and lower lip up to the ear. Then from the tip of the chin along the bone to the ear

Firming the jaw and neck Stroke for 2-3 minutes from the lower jaw over the cheeks to the upper jaw. Do the same from the underside of the jaw along the neck to the collarbone.


This set offers an ideal foundation for a rejuvenating daily face massage routine, featuring the deeply nourishing Hydrating Oil and the Gua Sha tool for detoxification.

  • helps to improve the skin's moisture consistency in the long term
  • encourages naturally visible skin rejuvenation
  • Provides intensive protection and care
  • enhances the fluid circulation
  • aids the facial detoxification
  • stimulates the skin's natural healing abilities
  • helps maintain skin-firming
  • makes the skin look visibly regenerated
  • provides intensive moisturizer

Texture: Oily

Scent: Neutral

Main Ingredients

Squalane, Quartz

  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • plumps up
  • antioxidant

  • Contouring & depuff
  • Cooling effect
  • for holistic well-being

List of ingredients

Hydrating Oil: 100% Squalane (olive). Made in Spain.

Quantity: 20ml e 0,67 fl. oz

Rose Quartz Gua Sha:

As the rose quartz used is natural stone, each gua sha is unique and may therefore differ from the above image in terms of grain & coloring.

The rose quartz stone used is hand cut and engraved in one of the oldest traditional houses in China. Our Gua Sha's are very delicately crafted tools, however they cannot withstand a fall on tiles etc, so please always store them safely in the bathroom.

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